We are recruiting new lab members

We are recruiting a new member and students to our lab at ShanghaiTech University. We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher who has a strong background in Drosophila and PhD students who are interested in working with us to investigate the molecular mechanism integrating the cell cycle to the developmental and homeostatic processes of multicellular organisms. More detail can be found in: Postdoc position (English)
ShanghaiTech University has state-of-art core facilities including advanced imaging, cell molecular biology, and electron microscopy, to which all labs have free access. There is a strong Drosophila community within Shanghaitech as well as at universities across the Shanghai area. Postdocs can have access to very reasonable accommodation within the campus. There are quite a few foreign postdocs and PIs across the university and Shanghai. So, they will enjoy research and a campus life, as well as a cosmopolitan atmosphere and urban city culture in Shanghai.
Welcome onboard!