Successful 2023 ShanghaiTech Summer Camp: Shaping the Future of Research in China / 2023年上科大暑期夏令营:塑造中国研究的未来

In mid-July, our school hosted the annual summer camp, a key student recruitment event for our graduate program. This tradition has become an essential platform for connecting our school with prospective graduate students, enabling them to explore our research, faculty, environment, activities, and student life.

This year’s summer camp saw around 200 promising candidates in attendance. Together with other labs, our team presented a poster and actively engaged with interested students, explaining our research and sharing insights into our projects.

I personally had the privilege of conducting interviews with several talented individuals. The passion, potential, and curiosity displayed by many students were truly inspiring. The entire event left us with a strong sense of optimism about the quality and ambition of students who may join us in the coming academic year.

We earnestly hope that many of these remarkable students will choose to enrol in our school and, ideally, become part of our vibrant laboratory community.

We extend our gratitude to all participants and collaborators who contributed to the success of this event. We eagerly anticipate the new perspectives and innovation that these future scholars will bring to our academic community.